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Fire exit signs are part of an emergency evacuation system that guides people in public buildings or buildings (either residential or commercial) where there are many people, to the closest exit so they can leave the building safely. Fire exit signs need to be visible from afar, and from all directions, and they must be illuminated well enough to be easily visible if the power fails.

Importance :
1. It is clear that exit signs are a crucial piece of building safety. Their role is to serve as a shining beacon indicating the way out of a dangerous situation for panicked people, and the way in for first responders.
2. No matter the size of your business enterprise, it is essential to have exit signs and emergency lighting present. Both are part of a comprehensive safety system that keeps your employees, clients and your business safe.
Illuminated exit signs offer several important benefits for any business, including:
Easy Way Out: Use exit signs equipped with emergency lighting to provide employees and anyone else in your commercial building with an easy way of leaving the premise. These signs clearly show where exits are located in the event of a fire, gas leak, or other dangerous situation. Signs must be clearly visible at all times.
Regulations: Keep up with federal and state safety regulations via exit signs featuring emergency lighting. Signs must be at least six inches tall and two inches wide according to federal regulations and feature a reliable illumination source.
First Responder Assistance: Install exit signs with emergency lighting to help first responders find their way in and out of your building during a fire or other dire situation. Illuminated signs help ensure everyone gets out of the building quickly and safely.
Just like fire extinguishers, emergency exit lighting is required to inspected and re-certified on an annual basis.
Keep employees safe and pass safety inspections with exit signs and emergency lighting from Fire Exit Signage.

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