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What Makes Us Different

If you are looking to give your brand maximum road front exposure, we have you covered with pylon/totem signage. These tall, standalone sign boards are large enough to do the talking for your business and attract prospects. They also help in keeping passing traffic informed of your products and services.
Also referred to as monolith signs, they are designed to increase the visibility for pedestrians and motorists. At Sign Technic, we offer illuminated as well as non-illuminated pylon signs. Based on engineer specification and client requirement, we can manufacture the supporting structure from steel and mount it on reinforced concrete footings. The high definition graphics make it look attractive even from a distance.

  • Various Sizes
  • Partially / Fully lit
  • Structure are made of steel and components are of aluminium
  • Poly-carbonate/ACP/Acrylic, Vinyl etc.
  • Provides eye catching features to the brand or organization name
  • Appreciated due to its attractive looks and high performance
  • Excellent colour quality
  • High definition graphics

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